EPIC Ministries is a Bozeman based youth ministry focused on helping students discover their everlasting potential in Christ by engaging students where they are, building discipleship relationships that lead to a deepened understanding of the Word, and sending them out to impact the world for Christ.


The goal of our ministry is to glorify Christ. We seek to do this by first being an aid to parents who are training their families in the way of the Lord. The role of “youth minister” or “youth ministry” is clearly lacking in scripture. For this reason, we never want to segregate the youth ministry from the church body. For those students who do not have the blessing of a Godly home, we, the church, seek to train them in the knowledge and power of Jesus Christ. The gospel of Jesus Christ is paramount in our lives. There is no greater gift given to man than that of salvation through Jesus Christ. It is clearly taught in scripture that salvation does not come through the recitation a “sinners prayer” or “accepting Jesus into your heart” but rather through faith and repentance.