April 2016

Welcome to the EPIC blog!

The goal of this blog to keep you guys updated on what is going on in the youth group and let you have a small insight into what we are doing and learning about! My name is Taylor, but most call me “T.” I am one of the four original youth of the EPIC group that started in February 2015 and I am just finishing up my freshman year at Heritage Christian School.

These last few months have been very exciting in the high school youth group. We went skiing three times this winter in January, February, and March which was a lot of fun! Also, multiple people from the youth group and our three youth group leaders got to go on an amazing mission trip to Nicaragua from March 11 to March 19. It was a neat experience for these individuals to experience God at work and I know many want to go back soon!

We finally finished going through the book of Hebrews this last Sunday (which we started over a year ago), and now we are headed on to the gospel of John. I can sum the book of Hebrews up for you in three words: JESUS IS BETTER. He is a better high priest, better than the angels, better than Moses, and a better sacrifice. Going through the book of Hebrews was a good challenge for me and everyone else. It challenged me to make sure that my faith is real and that it is my own and not my parents. It has also challenged me to make sure I am growing in the Lord by praying and reading the Bible and making time for the Lord and not just when it is convenient for me. I am still not perfect with it (of course because no one is perfect), but I have definitely gotten better about it.

EPIC has also started a youth worship team to lead New Beginnings Church on every third Sunday. Our very first service was on February 21. We led worship and four of the high schoolers in the youth group (myself being one) shared what impacted them from the study of Hebrews. One shared their testimony and how the faith chapter (Ch. 11 of Hebrews) challenged them and helped lead them to Christ.

Our next service will be on Sunday, May 15.

Check back in next month to see what EPIC has been up to in the month of May!